Wooden Fire door Seal Fire and Smoke (Double Flipper Co extruded) – Graphite

Price Range : Rs. 215 – Rs. 400
(7 ft Strip)

Intumescent fire, smoke and acoustic seal

Our co-extruded Flexifin seals provide an integrated solution to problems of fire spread, cold smoke leakage, and acoustic insulation. Available in both centered and off-centered designs, Flexifin not only offers highly effective sealing but also allows doors to return to their closed position with minimum resistance.

Often preferred in certain environments to the standard brush pile, these seals provide greater acoustic sealing performance and are ideally suited to hospitals, clean rooms, computer rooms, or food preparation areas.

The fin blades are made from high-performance thermoplastic, fused to a rigid PVC holder in the manufacturing process, containing either our 500 or 100 intumescent material.

Fire tested to BS 476: Part 22: 1987 and smoke tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 31: 1987.

  • Choice of Pyrostrip intumescent materials
  • Standard colours – white, brown, dark brown black and slate grey.
  • Non-standard colours available on request
  • Standard lengths – 2100mm
  • Non-standard lengths up to 3m available on request
  • Twin Fin available in 5mm blade height
  • Proven fire resistance from 30 – 60 minutes
  • Excellent acoustic sealing performance
  • Easy to wipe clean and keep bacteria free for use in hospitals, surgeries, clean areas etc.


Pyrostrip Flexifin Co-extruded seals, sizes up to 20mm are supplied with twin fins that are thermally fused to the PVC sheath. Sizes over 20mm are supplied with a fin insert. They can be supplied in the following sizes, colours and finishes.

Standard Sizes:

10 x 4mm, 15 x 4mm, 20 x 4mm, 25 x 4mm, 30 x 4mm, 38 x 4mm

Standard Lengths:


Non Standard Lengths:

Non standard lengths up to 3m can be produced. Please contact our Sales Office.

Standard Colours :

White, Brown, Dark Brown, Black and Slate Grey.

Non Standard Colours:

A wide range of non standard colours can be produced. Please contact our Sales Office.

Fin Seal:

Twin Fin available in blade height of 5mm.

Choice of Intumescent core:

500 Graphite dark grey or 100 Palusol based white core.

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