Wooden Fire door Seal Domed – Graphite

Price Range : Rs.150 – Rs.350
(7 ft Strip)

Pyrostrip 500DP and 500DPSS are high performance fire seals incorporating Mann McGowans graphite based intumescent in a purpose-designed uPVC sleeve. This range of seals has a domed profile and has been specifically designed and engineered for installation in double acting doorsets with radiused meeting stiles.

Pyrostrip 500DPSS offers the option of an added brush pile smoke seal and is used in conjunction with Pyrostrip 500DP providing excellent levels of effective protection up to 90 minutes.

  • Proven performance in numerous internationally recognized tests
  • Suitable for double acting doorset with radiused meeting stiles
  • Standard colours – white, brown, dark brown, black and slate grey
  • Non-standard colours available on request
  • Standard length – 2100mm. Non-standard lengths up to 3m available on request
  • Choice of standard sizes 20mm x 5mm, 20mm x 7mm and 20mm x 14mm, brush seals only available in 7mm and 14mm
    Smoke seal in black brush pile

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