Pyrotape Tape for Glazing Systems

Price Range : Rs. 2190 – Rs. 3165

Pyrotape tape provides a minimum of 60 minutes protection in timber and metal-based glazed doors and screens.

A compressible material which maintains its density and tensile strength when subjected to high temperatures and is supplied with a unique open self-adhesive backing. This eliminates the need to remove awkward backing paper during installation.

  • Withstands temperatures as high as 1100°C
  • Available in white and black finish
  • Proven integrity up to 245 minutes in glazed steel door sets
  • Pyrotape provides 50% compression thus eliminating glass rattle
  • Simple application with open self-adhesive
  • Tested with numerous glass types as dictated by Certifire/fire test evidence
  • Dry glazed system, no cleaning down after installation


Pyrotape Tape Standard sizes: Widths: 15mm, 20mm Thickness: 3mm supplied in 22m coils; 4mm supplied in 16m coils; 5 and 6mm supplied in 10m coils Other non-standard sizes are available, call our Sales Department for details

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