Hinge Intumescent Kit

Price Range : Rs. 50 – Rs. 75

Where fire resistance is concerned, metal hinges are an obvious weak point in any timber door and in the event of a fire, they can have a seriously detrimental effect on the integrity of both the door and frame.

Fitting Pyrohinges will overcome this problem, providing a high performance intumescent gasket that will insulate the timber, retard the charring process and enhance the fire resistance to an acceptable level.

  • Minimum proven fire resistance of 30 minutes
  • Choice of standard widths – 32 mm, 35mm, 48mm
  • Available in pre-cut sheets for convenience
  • Wide range of templates to match leading brands
  • Hinge and seal combinations available
  • Choice of white and charcoal grey finishes
  • Non-standard sizes and self-adhesive versions available on request
  • Easily fitted to virtually any make or style of hinge
  • Holes, cut-outs and notches incorporated if desired


Pyrohinge Intumescent kits are available for leading manufacturers of concealed door closers, including:
  • Zoo Hardware
  • Dormer/Kaba
  • Royde and Tucker
  • Hoppe
  • Cooke Brothers
  • Allgood
  • Carlisle Brass
  • Simonswerk
  • We can supply custom kits manufactured to order for all other brands of hardware
Hinge types available:
  • Butt hinges
  • Lift-off hinges
  • SOSS concealed hinges

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