FD 60 Glazing System


Pyroglaze 60 seals are made of self-adheshive rigid pvc encapsulated strips of intumescent and provide proven 60 minute protection for glazed doors, screens and partitions.

In the event of fire, the intumescent swells to provide a seal within the glazing pocket and also reduces the risk of premature ignition of the glazing beads on the protected face.

The system is easily installed and can be used with virtually any size or shape door and glazed screen.

When used in conjunction with FD60 doors all glazed apertures should be fully lined with Pyrostrip 52mm x 2mm 100ECSA, prior to fixing the glazing beads.

  • Tested in conjunction with a wide variety of glass, including both integrity (E) and integrity/insulation (EI) glass types
  • Successfully assessed by numerous UK and international testing centres
  • Standard colours – black, white, cream, light and dark brown and slate grey
  • Non-standard colours available on request
  • Pyroglaze 60 is manufactured as 25mm x 3mm or 25mm x 4mm
  • Standard length – 2100mm
  • Non-standard lengths up to 3m available on request
  • Dry glazing system, no cleaning down after installation
  • Available as separate component or as part of a complete glazed system



Pyroglaze 60 seals comprise of self-adhesive rigid pvc encapsulated intumescent strips and are easily located between a fire resistant glass and untreated timber glazing beads. Measuring 25mm x 3mm, Pyroglaze 60 is available in a variety of colours. Pyroglaze 60 is a dry glaze system and requires no cleaning down after installation. The high performance intumescent core will swell when subjected to a fully developed fire; providing an effective seal within the glazing pocket and reducing the risk of premature ignition of glazing beads on the protected face.


Suitable for glazing fire resisting screens and doors. For a full specification contact our Technical Department. Pyroglaze 60 is suitable for internal and external applications. For external applications the glazing should be capped to ensure the system is sealed against climatic conditions. (Please refer to BS 8000.)


Successfully fire tested and assessed to BS476 Part 22 on a variety of glasses, please contact us for a full list.


When constructing glazed screens all timber must have a minimum density of 650kg/m3 and a moisture content of approximately 10%. The geometry of the glazing bead depends on the glass type. For a full specification contact our Technical Department. Frames should be securely fixed to the structure and then fire stopped using the following alternatives:- Pyromas intumescent mastic (10mm deep). – 2 No. Pyrostrip 210PSA  25mm x 3mm. – Pyrospan (for frame to wall gaps greater than 10mm. To fit Pyroglaze 60 to the glazing beads peel off the release paper on the self adhesive face of the strip and bond into position. The strip can be easily cut by using a junior hacksaw. Glazing beads should be secured using either 50mm long steel screws at 200mm centres or 60mm lost head pins at 100mm centres. In both cases the fixings should be splayed to pass under the glass. Pyroglaze 60 is used to glaze apertures in doorsets that have undergone fire tests with glazed openings with successful tests conducted by various manufacturers. As part of a system for FD60 Doors, the vision panel must be lined with Pyrostrip 52mm x 2mm 100ECSA prior to fixing the glazing beads. Assessed by Warrington UK, Warrington Hong Kong, Warrington Singapore, International Fire Consultants (IFCCAD System). Mann McGowan are a FIRAS Registered Distributor.

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