Corner Seal


(7 ft Strip)

Mann McGowan ACS-1 is a smoke and acoustic seal which is surface fixed in to the corner of the door frame and doorstop..

The seal has 3 separate air pockets which provide a very effective acoustic performance.

  • Easy to fit
  • High-tack self-adhesive backing
  • No machining required
  • Durable resilient fins and central bulb
  • Cold smoke and acoustic seal
  • Surface fixed to door frame with fitted self adhesive tape
  • Unique design is both hardwearing and highly effective as an acoustic barrier
  • Community Design Registration No 002969204-0001
  • A minimum of 34 to 35dB can be achieved using standard FD30 and FD60 doors
  • Successfully tested for cold smoke sealing as well as acoustic performance
  • Co-extruded with robust rigid PVC mounting elements
  • Available in standard length of 2100mm. Lengths up to 3000mm on request
  • Available in a range of colours to suit application


Technical Information

Description ACS-1 has a rigid ‘L’ shaped PVC backing complete with self adhesive backing as standard with a soft rubber fin protruding from each corner with an additional semi circular rubber seal providing a buffer stop to the corner of the door leaf. The buffer seal also protects the two rubber wings from long term damage. Performance Acoustic tests have been conducted in accordance with the standards listed below: BS-EN 10140-1 BS-EN 10140-2 A minimum of 34 to 35dB can be achieved using standard FD30 and FD60 single and double leaf doorsets with and without vision panels. ACS-1 has been successfully tested to BS476 pt 31;1 for cold smoke sealing (air leakage). Cycling test: 100,000 opening and closing cycles. Lengths and Widths ACS-1 is available as standard in 2200mm lengths, other lengths can be provided up to a maximum of 3000mm. As standard ACS-1 is available in widths of 10mm x 10mm or 12mm x 12mm. Fitting ACS-1 should be surface fixed at the junction of the door stop and frame at the point the doorleaf closes into the stop. Remove the backing paper from one side only and carefully position applying light pressure to locate the seal, carry out the same with the second leg and once satisfied that it is correctly positioned apply further pressure to both legs. Finish ACS-1 is available in the following colours: Clear White Brown Dark Brown Black

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