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Concealed Intumescent Fire Seals

Pyrostrip 100EC intumescent seal offers a simple but highly effective way to achieve the requisite fire resistance without the seals themselves conflicting with the overall door design or finish.

The intumescent seal is hidden behind timber lippings or glazing beads and in the event of fire, expands  – thus sealing the gap and preventing the passage of flames, smoke and hot gases.

  • Standard 2mm thickness, cut to any width required
  • Extensively fire tested for both 30 and 60 minute protection
  • Available in Palusol (Pyrostrip 100EC) material
  • Can be applied under lippings to provide a concealed finish
  • Used to line vision panel apertures in FD30 and FD60 applications
  • Can be used to provide fire-stopping between door frame and structural opening
  • Successfully utilised by numerous door manufacturers
  • Can be used in conjunction with exposed encapsulated strips on FD60 doors


Pyrostrip Concealed Intumescent Seals


Supplied 2mm thick and cut to size and length as required to suit either FD30 or FD60 performance. Pyrostrip 100EC is white in colour and based on Palusol intumescent material. Supplied with or without self-adhesive backing.


Pyrostrip 100EC concealed intumescent can be inserted into the back of timber lippings on the hanging and swinging stiles of fire resisting doors. The lipping should be grooved slightly bigger than the seal to allow for shrinkage of the timber. Pyrostrip 100EC is also widely used in fire doors to line out the frame of glazed apertures for extra protection. For full details please contact our technical department.


Pyrostrip concealed intumescent seals have been successfully fire tested with a number of door manufacturers, contact our technical department for full details.

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